At Soul-d, we believe in staging a home to sell it for the best price. And we’re not alone.

77% of agents believe staging makes selling easier

Home staging is huge in the United States and other parts of the world. And in the UK, there’s a growing recognition that it really works. According to the Home Staging Association of UK & Ireland’s report in 2022, 77% of agents said that staging made it easier for buyers to visualise the property as a future home.

Staged homes sell in half the time

Data shows that staged homes sell more quickly. On average, staged homes spend 50% less time on the market compared to non-staged homes. In the report quoted above, 69% of agents said a staged home sells up to twice as fast as a non-staged home, and 31% believe it sells three times faster.

100% of agents believe staging increases a property’s value

Staging homes also generates a higher sale price. The average staging investment starts at as little as 1% of the property’s asking price, while the average increase on the sale price of those properties is 8-10%. When agents were asked whether staging increased the value of a property, 100% of them said yes, with 32% believing it increased the value by 11-15%.