Do you provide all the same services as a local estate agent?
Yes. We will oversee the entire process for you, from first enquiry to completion of sale.

What areas do you cover?
We are Surrey based but also cover Berkshire, Hampshire and West London.

Do you offer the same level of protection and legal support once an offer is accepted?
Yes, we work with the UK’s no.1 online agent Strike who have all the necessary accreditations, although we liaise directly with your buyer to ensure a more personal service.

Would you sell my house if it didn’t need any work doing?
Yes, absolutely. We may still make some styling suggestions to help ‘sell the lifestyle’ for photos and make the viewings more impactful, but we are happy to work with sellers who just want us to help present their homes in the best possible light. And do things a little differently.

What happens if we love the changes you make to our home and decide we want to stay?
That’s absolutely fine. It happens! When we draw up our initial agreement we will state clearly what our fee will be if we complete the work and you decide not to sell.

How long is the listing period with Soul-d?
We ask our clients to sign with us exclusively for four months. That’s because we’ve invested more than most agents in the up front preparation of your home.

Can I list jointly with Soul-d and another agent?
No, we don’t work that way, because of the upfront investment we’ve made as part of our service.

So what makes Soul-d different to home staging?
Home Staging is a widely used service in the States but less well developed here in the UK. Sellers who employ home staging businesses are likely to reap financial rewards but often end up paying double the fee – to both the staging company and estate agents. We combine both services for the same fee as a local agent.

So are you offering an interior design service?
Not really, although you may love the results. Our focus is different. It’s less personal, not designed around the owners preferences but what will appeal to the majority of people looking to buy or the target audience we think your property will suit. We will focus our efforts on selling a lifestyle, a vision for future owners. New home developers have been creating showhomes for years to maximise their value – it’s just not really done in existing properties and we want to change that.

How does it work for buyers if you don’t have a shop on the high street?
Most people start their searches on Right Move and other online portals so that’s where we are. When they click on a Soul-d property, they will be directed to us via a Strike agent and we will tell them all they need to know to get that all important viewing booked in.

If we find a new home that needs work, can you help us with that too?
Yes. We are happy to view a potential property with you to give you an idea of what’s achievable in terms of redesign, planning requirements and building costs. Our team can come up with outline concepts, visualise new layouts and provide ballpark costs for the work so you know what you’ll be taking on.