After a successful career running one of the UK’s biggest experiential marketing agencies, Sian decided to pursue her passion for property and began by buying, renovating and selling many homes, including her own. When it came to marketing and selling the properties, she saw there was room for improvement and took a very active role in the process to ensure they were ‘presented’ in a way that did them justice and commanded the highest price.

Around the same time, Sian undertook multiple interior design projects ranging from the complete renovation of a penthouse in central London, to working with homeowners to refresh tired rooms, create new, open plan layouts and design modern, beautiful spaces. She also worked closely with the owner of the multi award winning Mullans restaurant in Camberley, taking a lead on the interior design and developing the customer experience.

So, with a passion for property, marketing in her DNA and a gap in the market for a more proactive agent experience, Sian decided to create Soul-d.

Naturally, she doesn’t do this alone and the extended Soul-d team includes:

  • Trusted, meticulous tradespeople (decorators, electricians, plumbers, builders)
  • Talented designers who can visualise project homes
  • Professional service providers including mortgage brokers, conveyancers, planning experts and surveyors